Get in the Game

Sometimes, we just have to just get in the game and stop holding back. We’ve gotta jump in head first and be a part of the great conversation that’s going on all around us. It’s right there, every day. Let’s not let it pass us by – we want in, right?

Read, think, reflect, internalize, and then engage. Give, and then give a little more. Let’s take time to give what speaks to us from the heart, so we can be a part of something bigger than what we see in our immediate surrounding. There’s so much more right in front of us. Let’s boldly tackle more because we can – but we have to try if we want to play.

Be brave. Be courageous. Be you.

It might start with just one step into a new conversation at work or a volunteer activity with a new group – or hey, maybe it’s even a new blog – but it’s a start. Let’s make our way into a larger dialogue. For me, it’s about helping others grow, learn, succeed, and building something more meaningful as we inspire and support the people who are closest to us. It’s about sharing what we love and being who we truly are. It just takes a little heart, soul, and passion that might feel overwhelming at times, but pushes us to be our best selves, making a difference to those we love most.

Let’s be vulnerable and authentic, and let’s try something a little fresh and a little scary. We have to step on the field and bravely get in the game to even start to play.