Leaders Are Learners First

Ironically, the best leaders don’t think of themselves as leaders; we’re just a member of the team. We’re one of the bunch, and we work as a cohesive unit with our colleagues, peers, partners, clients – whomever we interact with on a regular basis.

The best leaders also know that we will never truly reach our peak or feel like we’ve arrived, because we should all be engrossed in a lifelong process of learning. There’s always more information to soak up, ways to improve, and innovative ideas that are untouched and ready to embrace. Whether its books and articles to read, podcasts to listen to, or social media feeds and blogs to follow, learning is everywhere. In our technology-based world, there’s so much knowledge right at our fingertips, and we should be taking advantage of every opportunity to embrace it.

We will best support our organizations and our teams for future growth if we’re taking advantage of all types of learning, truly engaging in where we’re headed and layering it on top of where we’ve been. So, let’s dive in and be ready to breathe new life into all that we do, and then share it as we go. It’s that dynamic combination of passionate experience combined with an insatiable thirst for more information that will ultimately propel our teams forward to be the game-changers, so let’s play. Let’s play hard and have fun with it. It’s our own responsibility to act so we can be a key part in where we’re headed together.

Let’s be learners first. Let’s truly be in love with learning, growing, developing, and understanding more today than we did yesterday. Let’s ask questions, get feedback, find out something new, and be fully in the learning game. It’s so worth it and it’s so refreshing. So, let’s think about what we want to learn, and get on it! Time is on our side, and it’s never too late to begin.

Always Learning

It’s so important to continue to grow, learn, and evolve every single day. There are endless opportunities out there to absorb more information, and it’s up to you to seek it out. Staying current in your industry and beyond is critical to your success, and the success of your organization.

If you dig in and learn, share what you come back with, and help your team members see what else is out there, you’ll probably inspire them to do the same. You’ll begin to see articles passed around, conferences discussed, and podcasts, blogs, and Twitter feeds on the recommendation list. You’ll gain insight from everyone’s different perspectives, and the creativity will start to flow.

When we value learning, whether it’s formal or informal, we open ourselves up to unlimited possibilities. We often stumble upon valuable concepts and new strategies in the process, and find ourselves inspired by what’s fresh, exciting, and potentially game-changing. The momentum we can create through all forms of education is infectious, and one we should take advantage of every day. When you tackle each day with a willingness to grow, your enthusiasm will spread and you’ll see success start to build.

So, stay current, stay relevant, stay informed, and know that the future of whatever you do probably looks different than it does right now. Be brave, be curious, and strive for something better than your best each day.