As we approach the close of a month filled with celebrations of great food, fun, loved ones, and time spent reflecting on what we’re thankful for, its important to not only be thankful, but to also embrace the spirt of giving. Whether we donated to a meaningful cause on #givingtuesday or found a way to simply enrich the lives of others, I hope we all made our distinct and impactful contributions.

As leaders in business, it’s important to think about giving daily. Let’s pay it forward and always aim to help others learn, grow, and achieve. Let’s prioritize the education and development process for our teams, and ensure everyone is set up with the tools and resources it takes to succeed. Let’s clearly communicate our support, so we can inspire those around us to do the same. When we give with our hearts and ingrain these actions into our daily lives, the spirit is contagious, and it naturally multiplies the good around us.

Seasonally, its everywhere, but the challenge becomes continuing this illuminating power of giving well beyond what we feel and see today. Taking action and making sure we embrace the spirit of giving in our daily lives is what truly makes a difference in our companies, our communities, and beyond. When we give each day, perhaps just starting with a little more intentional effort on teaching and opening doors for those right around us, we can inspire, support, and help everyone succeed.

Let’s give thanks to those who have invested in us, and think about how we’ll invest in others. Actions speak louder than words, so let’s take a moment to do the right thing and give with our hearts. Let’s give knowledge, give support, or just give a listening ear, and be fully present and intentional every day of the year.