Take Your Time and Enjoy

So often in life we rush. We move quickly to fit as much into our day as possible, and ironically forget to appreciate the precious moments in between all the hustle. I’m such a victim to this harsh reality, and it’s time to slow down.

I realized recently as I was committing to another volunteer project, a half marathon training team with my girlfriends, and a few other things to add to the mix, I’m not taking on too much, but I am forgetting to slow down enough to enjoy the beauty in each individual opportunity. There are so many great things in life to enjoy, and it is possible – but we have to commit to the enjoyment. Whether it is time with family, discussions at work, a book to read, or conversations with friends, it all matters. We can spend quality time in each arena if we’re focused, not frantic.

I’ve been frantic for too long, worrying that I’m not getting it all done to the best of my ability. Well, face it sister – that’s okay. Just be present. Just engage positively. Just do your best in that moment, and it will all work out.

If you’re a type-A planner, organizer, and thinker of things on the horizon like I am, it becomes so easy to lose sight of what’s right here before us. It can be instinctive to focus too much on the finish line rather than on the mile we’re tackling in the moment. Yes, I need to start thinking in running terms if I’m going to make this half marathon thing happen…yikes!

When I look at my sweet little boys and see the joy in their eyes and the love they have for each experience they encounter, I realize how simply we can truly live our lives. We just need to focus on enjoying the bike ride, splashing in the pool, coloring outside the lines, and swinging for the fences with each pitch thrown our way. These guys live each moment with energy, passion, and the will to have simple and wonderful fun. They’re spontaneous, loving, and ready to run at any given moment.

So, let’s find our own ways to run, jump, and play. Let’s breathe in the happiness around us, focus on the now, and the rest will fall into place. We can still plan, think ahead, and take on projects and opportunities to enhance our own growth, as long as we find our balance and capture the joy that comes along with each day, embracing a few more of the moments that are here right now. Let’s just take our time and enjoy.