When you’re working with others, you’re going to have differing opinions. It’s human nature, and it’s totally normal, so it’s incredibly important to be able to work through those moments in a productive way.

Let’s be honest – little is tougher or more frustrating than having to partner with someone who always insists on getting their way. Sometimes you’ve gotta be the bigger person. Lead by example, and show how easy it can be to step back, look at all the various perspectives, and help find a solution that lands somewhere in the middle; somewhere where the outcome may shift slightly, but the product is still a win. There’s always a way to compromise and drive progress, even if your expectations change a bit along the way.

I used to react – hard. I wore my emotions right out there on my sleeve and if I wasn’t happy about something, you’d know it. Honestly, it wasn’t pretty, and it certainly didn’t do me any professional favors. It took a long time – and a lot of mistakes – to realize that my toughest, most frustrating, difficult moments really weren’t that bad at all, and everything would always work out.

I think it was another Yoga moment when I truly embraced the concept of letting go. Carrying around stress and worrying too much about navigating toward my personal perfect ending in each situation was eating me alive in life. When I finally got to that place where I could take a step back, embrace the bigger picture, and realize the outcome will always be fine, even if it wasn’t what I expected, life got infinitely more productive.

Digging our heels in just creates drama, and the last thing you want to be is the person who brings the drama. Seriously – don’t bring the drama! It’s so not worth it. You’ll have a much greater impact as the person who avoids it, or more importantly, helps find the solution to minimize it. When you take a positive attitude and an outlook of optimism to the conversation, you’ll find a way. It always works out, even if it looks a little different at the finish line. Take your guard down, be approachable, and be helpful. With an open mind, you’ll find a way to do the right thing, even in your toughest moments. It always works out.

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