No one wants to be wrong or admit fault, but when you do it graciously, you’ll earn an immense amount of respect. Taking ownership for your mishaps and showing your willingness to grow from these hurdles will elevate you to entirely new places. We all make mistakes, and it’s okay. We’re human and we’re not perfect. Let’s be real and admit them, and then move forward, respecting each other for our efforts and partnership.

We’ve never gained anything from pointing fingers or pushing the blame onto our colleagues. It’s not worth it. Be confident enough to know that you’ll get through it, even if you made a choice that wasn’t your best. I’ve learned so much more from things that didn’t go according to my plan than those that have, and the life lessons have made me stronger and more apt to make better choices in the future. We’re all our own worst critics, so honestly, you’re probably being too hard on yourself by worrying about it when these things happen.

One of the most gracious things you can do with a mistake is ask for feedback on how you can do a better job next time. When you’re comfortable enough to take a hit and get through it, you’ll bounce back stronger than ever, and ready for the challenges ahead. This is leading with integrity, knowing we can get through anything when our best efforts come from good places.

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