Everyone is always watching, both in person and online. We’re more plugged in and connected to external forces and influences than ever today, so our actions are always on stage. What we do, say, and even what we don’t do or say, can define what we think is important, because that’s what we show the world. It’s more critical than ever to do the right thing, to truly do good and be good.

When you have a great role model who can show you what good looks like, you can easily emulate success and use what you learn to lead responsibly. Someone to look up to can be incredibly valuable to your growth and development. I encourage you to seek out that mentor. Think about great teachers, coaches, and colleagues you’ve engaged with throughout your life. There are likely lots of people who’ve made an impact on who you are. What did they do that was so influential? What did they say that made a difference to you? Chances are, it was something that helped you think differently, move forward, and make better decisions. Find that best version of you, and a mentor to help you get there.

Don’t ever be drawn in by someone who gets off course, who gets away from what’s truly good. That’s not a valuable mentor. A role model who does the right thing is the one to hold dear in your life. You know deep down what’s right and what’s wrong. Choose your mentor wisely, and be a part of what’s good, kind, positive, and genuine. Be a part of what moves us forward, not what takes us back. Seek out a great mentor to help you get there, because we all have a responsibility to lead with character and integrity.

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