One of the best things you can do professionally is show you are humble enough to grow and improve. No one is perfect, and we should all take the time to reflect, embrace change, and get better at what we do and how we work with others.

Feedback should be used often, so go ahead and ask for it. If it is saved for just an annual review, you’ve missed so many opportunities to learn. Feedback early and often helps us all engage with more purpose and success, and truly keeps us honest. Even a quick touch point here and there can make a world of difference in overall productivity.

Whether you’re giving or receiving feedback, don’t forget that it isn’t criticism. It should always be balanced and supportive. Honesty is important, but there’s always something good to reflect on, and there’s always an area of opportunity to address. We’re all succeeding with something, so don’t overlook what’s going well. When you step back and look at the big picture, sometimes just showing up is a win, right? Don’t skip the wins, even if they’re small.

It can be a humbling experience to receive feedback, but the more you ask for it, the easier it is to take. No one wants to hear they’re failing time and time again, so if you’re coaching a team or working with others, give feedback regularly, and be sure to include the high points when you do. More often than not, it should be about the positives you see in performance. Recognize what’s going right, so when you need to address what isn’t, you’re not the bad guy swooping in just to correct the mistakes. Even if you can’t be there in person, send a shout out by text or email, or make a quick phone call to congratulate success. Focus on what’s going well, and you’ll start building a more productive, satisfied, and engaged team that’s eager to meet and exceed their goals, grow as professionals, and be a part of your company for a bigger, grander purpose.

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